About Us

Overview and Offerings

Aurelius Press (AP) was founded to provide tools that practitioners can use to help clients be happier and more productive (and who doesn’t want that?!) – every day and in every area of life – by gaining insight about themselves and how they interact with the world around them. Our assessment products are designed to provide individuals, couples, families, and business teams with statistically-validated actionable information that can be used to make better decisions, improve performance, and just be happier.


We’re delighted to introduce our assessment products, a series of tools developed by Mark Majors, PhD.:

These tools are based on Dr. Majors’ training and practice in Jungian psychological typology.


For those new to Jungian tools who need certification courses, brick-and-mortar training is available from Dr. Majors.  Online certification and advanced training will be available starting in January, 2016.


Our first publications will be the manuals associated with the Majors assessments, and this area will continue to grow. If you are interested in publishing original material please contact us with your ideas.

Blogs and Podcasts: Building a Community

Through blogs and podcasts we provide not only information regarding psychological assessments and their use, but also an arena for discussion that can benefit us all.

We welcome any input you may have. Please feel free to contact us and provide your feedback and suggestions. It all gets better through community!

Our Team

Jennifer Rojas, General Manager. Jennifer brings over 20 years of experience to the position of General Manager. Her background in conflict resolution and diversity education supports her passion for helping practitioners and their clients increase awareness and build understanding in order to be more successful. Jennifer also has many years of experience bringing desired functionality to life in online environments while managing program operations and teams internationally. She is the hub of Aurelius Press. Learn more about Jennifer.

Gregory Kirsch, IT developer.  For over 20 years, Greg has taken the thoughts of others and transformed them into usable tools. Greg works tirelessly to convert dreams with a lot of associated arm-waving into specific line items that provide value to the end-user. Learn more about Greg.

Gary Monti, Founder. Aurelius Press flows from Gary’s almost 40 years work in project management and change management. It all started with one question, “Why is success so elusive?” The journey associated with answering this question led to the creation of Aurelius Press. Learn more about Gary.

Our Story

AP is an outgrowth of Center for Managing Change (CMC), an organization that practices change management and project management based on a three-pronged approach called the Triad of Simplicity. The long and winding path that led to the founding of Aurelius Press all began with one question: “Why is success so elusive?”

We believe the answer can be summed up with an old saying: “Wherever I go, there I am.”

Our founder, Gary Monti, has taken that statement and formulated it as a question when working with clients: “Who’s the one person who’s always present at every problem you have?”

AP’s core belief is that we can be ourselves wherever we are and whomever we’re with – internally, in personal relationships, or with business associates. Our mission is to help others be happier and more effective in their full awareness of self – ultimately making success (however envisioned) more attainable.