Majors Personality Type Inventory™

The Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (MajorsPTI™), is a shorter, less expensive and more accurate alternative to other assessments of Jungian Psychological Type. This innovative instrument builds on the 50 years of science behind psychological type and brings it up to date with new and innovative psychometric technology. The MajorsPTI™ will help your clients learn valuable information about how they direct their energy, take in information, make decisions, and how they orient to their environment. It provides the standard 16-Type result format as well as the new Majors/Jungian 8-Process Scores.

The Advanced Psychometric Features of the MajorsPT-I™ are:

    • Differential Intensity Weighting – this allows the individual to both choose the response that is most natural for them and rate how similar the choice is to them.
    • The Neutral Response – the use of a neutral response removes the measurement error that is found in other forced choice psychological type assessments.
    • The Type Precision Module – is a form of Computer Adaptive Assessment that adapts the scoring method based upon the individual’s responses.

The MajorsPTI™ comes with two Reports; the MajorsPTI Personality Report™ and the Professional Report:

  • The Majors PTI Personality Report is a comprehensive 9-page report that provides a detailed description of the type dimensions including: Four dichotomies, the individual’s reported scores (in graphical presentation; no numbers) and the resulting 16-type four-letter code, the whole type description, the application area results for Leadership Methods, Learning Preference, and Work/Activity Preferences, and a brief description of all 16 personality types. The report also contains information to facilitate further growth and development of your clients’ understanding of their best-fit type.
  • The Professional Report – is a 1-page report for the professional only. It provides all of the numeric information based upon the advanced scoring of the MajorsPTI™. Numeric results from the four dichotomies and the Majors/Jungian 8-Process Scores are provided to give the professional advanced insights into the individual’s personality structure and current use of Jungian Mental Functions. See an example click here.

With the two reports the professional has the opportunity to tailor feedback sessions to more precisely meet the client’s needs. These results represent a deeper expression of Jung’s presentation of Psychological Types and serve as a valuable aid in helping clients learn the distinctiveness of their personality.