Purchase Majors PT-Elements User Manual

The Majors Personality Type – Elements™ (Majors PT-Elements™) is a departure from the standard personality type measure. It does provide the common 16-type personality code, but focuses more intently upon the dichotomies that are used to form the type code, the sub-scales that reveal individual differences within personality types, the Personality Formation™ information that helps to identify the opportunities and challenges the respondent may face in everyday life due to the perspective of his or her personality, and the Jungian eight mental processes (Majors/Jungian 8-Process Scores).

This manual shows practitioners how to use the instrument to maximum effect with clients and how to interpret the reports. It also provides the components to training that focus upon ethical instrument use.

The world of personality typology has been fixed upon the four dichotomous scales of assessments that reveal/indicate the 16-type code. Now with the release of the Majors PT-Elements, the Jungian eight mental functions can become part of the information given to clients for growth and development. The eight functions are the purest form of Jung’s psychological type and give information beyond the genetic pointing of the 16 types. This begins a whole new era of type education and intervention.

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